Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fredonia and Grapple Girl Open 2009 Tournament Results


Grapple Girl Open

Libbie Corney-1st Place Intermediate Gi and NoGi
Robyn Schroeder-1st place Gi, 2nd place NoGi

(I'm waiting for Robyn to bring her pics in?)
Great job to both of you!!

Fredonia 2009

Teen Div:
Danny Carr- 1st place Gi, 2nd No Gi

Andrew - 1st placeGi, 2nd No Gi

Adam Murrell- 2nd Inter. Gi

Alexander- 1st place Gi Beg 170

Shaun Miller- 2nd place Gi Beg 170

Namat- 4th place Beg. Gi 135

Libbie Corney- 1st place Gi and NoGi Advanced Women Div.

Huge Congrats to everyone, you all worked very hard!.
We are very proud at Peloton!