Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greater Rochester Int. Grappling Tournament 2009

7-10yr Div
Dominic Ferranti- 1st place Adv.Div.

14-17yr Div
Andrew Swanson-1st place Beg. Gi/middle
Adam Mazzeo-1st place Inter.Div. No Gi/middle

Danny Carr and Cody Stoffel moved up to the Adult division because it was only the two of them in the light weight 14-17yr class.
They competed very well!
Danny Carr-2nd place Adult light weight div.
Cody Stoffel had a great showing for his first tournament!.

Womens Div./Adv
Libby Corney- 1st Gi and No-Gi

Mens Divisions-
Brandon Ince-2nd place

Beg.Middle-No Gi
Dan Forster-3rd place

Tom LaJuett- 2nd place

Inter./Heavy-No Gi
Mike Montes- 3rd place

Adam Morrell- 1st place

Sal Cruz and Joe DiPaola competed very well!, both suffered rib injuries in their first matches and continued!. Huge congrats for showing tons of heart.

Peloton East/ Shogun

Danny Reed- 1st place Heavyweight/Inter. No Gi
Scott Chapman- 2nd place Inter.Gi-205
Sean Miller- 1st place middle/No Gi
Andre Dowdell- 3rd place light/Beg. Gi
Phil "Joe Black"- 3rd place Inter.Gi 205
Corey-2nd place beg-no gi

Congrats to everyone that competed!!