Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hayastan Tournament- Aug. 30th, 2008


Kids Div.-7 and 8 yrs.
Micheal Schrader- 1st place Gi and No-Gi
Mike won all his matches by submission, Great job Mike!!

Kids Div.-9 and 10yrs.
Walter Schrader- 1st place Gi and 2nd place No-Gi.
Wally had a great showing also, Great job!!

Teenage 15-17yrs.
Danny Carr- 1st place No-Gi and 2nd place Gi
Danny was a bit nervous during the gi portion of the tournament, but showed some true grit and heart in the No-Gi by coming back and beating the opponent that had beat him twice before to win by triangle in his 1st, and armlock in the 2nd!!.
Great job!!

Womens Div.
Libby Corney-1st place No-Gi and 2nd Gi
Libby fought a much bigger opponent in the gi portion and controlled the pace of the match throughout, after initiating the takedown her opponent was awarded the point!???.. in the Gi she was paired against a solid grappler from CNY-MMA and dominated the match from start to finish!. Great job!

Men's Div. 155-160
Nick Morabito- 2nd place Gi
Nick had a great showing but just ran out of gas.
Good job!!

Men's Adv.Div. 190
Collin Schrader- 2nd place No-Gi and 2nd Gi
In Gi Collin got slammed which according to the 'Rules of this event' should have been an automatic DQ, but instead his opponent was awarded a point!!, this set the tone for this match that eventually led to a 1 point decision. @#$%.....!!!!
In No-Gi Collin fought well but in his third match took a nasty takedown as he tried to lock-in a guillotine, his back got worked on by some cool Canadians..
Thanks Ehhh!!, which put Collin back in the running.
He went on to the finals, but his back just wouldn't allow him to finish the numerous triangle and submission attempts on this opponent, eventually losing to a takedown.
Not being able to defend his overall title this time will surely lite a fire in Collin's @#$@!!, so hope to see you all at Joslin's!!

Men's Adv.Gi 165-175
Josh Brongo-1st place Gi and 2nd absolute!
Josh did awesome!, won all his matches by submission all the way to the Gi absolute finals, in the finals he gave up 40+ lbs to a game opponent from
Buffalo BJJ, Congrats to them on the Absolute win.

Congrats to everyone who competed!!