Thursday, July 10, 2008

A bit of Brazilian culture in Spencerport NY?

World class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Spencerport New York?

By: Scott Kinsky

These days martial arts are becoming very ubiquitous. Everywhere you go one can see outlandish advertisements and guarantees, for the best self-defense system. Many of these guarantees are untrue and an expensive waste of time. There is one martial art that has proved its effectiveness time and time again, one martial art that gives the smaller person a real chance to defend himself or herself against a much larger opponent. This martial art is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or simply BJJ, and the best place to learn this art in Western NY is at the Peloton Martial Arts Academy.
BJJ has a very rich history. The martial art started in Japan and then was brought to Brazil in the 20th century. A Japanese man taught this martial art to the Gracie family. The Gracie family then modified it and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was born.
BJJ is a ground fighting system. The theory is simple, take the fight to the ground, then gain an advantageous position, and finally put your opponent into a submission hold, where your opponent is forced to quit or suffer major injury. BJJ gives a smaller man or woman the best chance to beat a much larger opponent because all of the moves are technique based, not strength based.
Moreover, there is no striking, eye gouges, groin kicks, etc. At first a person might wonder why these techniques have been excluded from BJJ. The answer is that when these techniques are removed from training students can spar safely at full force on a daily basis. Consequently, when a student has to use BJJ in a real world situation they are already accustomed to a fully resisting opponent and have a major advantage.
BJJ classes start off with some stretching followed by some specific drills (hip escapes, bear crawls, front rolls, back rolls, etc. etc. . After the warm up, techniques are taught, and finally the live sparring. Classes are very informal, the bowing at the beginning of the class is a courtesy to the ‘Tatame’(training facility), instructors, as well as fellow students. This creates a very fun and friendly atmosphere to train in. Perhaps the most important thing about any school are the instructors. This is why Peloton is a cut above the rest. Paul Ferranti and Bryan Spinosa are two excellent instructors. Paul is the only BJJ Black Belt in the Rochester area with direct links back to Brazil.
His instructor and head instructor of the association is Prof. Alexandre "Grandao" Dos Santos Dantas, a three time BJJ World Champion. Nowhere else in Rochester will you find teachers with direct linaege back to Brazilian World Champions.
Some people may associate BJJ with the new popular sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Images of cages and blood spattered athletes may turn some people off to BJJ. While it is true that no MMA athlete would be a complete fighter without BJJ training, traditional BJJ for self-defense and personal fitness, and MMA training are very different. Peloton offers both to their students.
My personal experience with BJJ and Peloton Martial arts has been such a positive experience that I try and recommended it to everyone I meet. Through BJJ training I have gotten in great shape and learned how to defend myself in a fight if I ever have too. I have made life long friends and gained a second family. For me BJJ is a great escape from the daily stress of life. During training time I am not thinking about bills, my children, my job, my spouse, etc. I am only thinking about how to win my match.
If you have ever thought about taking a martial arts class, or you are just looking to get in shape and are bored at your fitness center, I would highly recommend stopping down to Peloton Martial Arts Center and try a class out.
Their facility is located in the Barefoot Landing Plaza, 2139 North Union St.-Suite #7, Spencerport, NY, 14559.
Our telephone number is 585-349-9265.
Go experience the difference.