Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Peloton's New Purple belts!!!

Brandon gets some air!!

Brandon gets his purple belt!!

The Peloton family- Everyone during class helping out with the warm-ups..Thanks guys!!

BIG CONGRATS!! to the following students:
Chris Moran-Purple
Josh Brongo-Purple
Brandon Ince-Purple
Mark Stutzman-Purple
Collin Schrader-Purple
Casey Lamb-Purple
Bryan Spinosa-4th Degree-Purple
You all did fantastic tonight and made Prof. Alexandre "Grandao" Dantas, Bryan, and myself incredibly proud!!.

Great Job!!

Bryan having too much fun!!

Casey gets wipped!!

Tired faces after almost 2 hrs. of intense training and testing!!

Collin playing open guard..

Chris looking for the pass..

Josh in side control..

Mark goes for the choke..

Casey and Josh working hard!!

New Peloton purple's!!