Monday, November 12, 2007

Joslin's Tournament results

(7-10yr) Division
(7yr) Dominic Ferranti- 2nd Place,
Dom had some great matches, he fought a much larger 10 yr. old in his semifinal match, he was down by a takedown until he recovered and landed a beautiful single leg takedown of his own, landing in side control, then knee on belly and taking the mount, when his opponent bellied out he took the back for the win!!.
Great job!!

(14-17) Division
We had 3 competitors representing Peloton:
George Collichio-3rd Place Adv.Div
George caught his opponent in awesome triangle in his first match, lost his second to the eventual winner of the division. Great job!!

Chris Cohen-3rd Place Beg.
Double sessions for Chris on this day, he fought great after having a very important Hockey game earlier that day!, I'm sure we will see Chris in the NHL some day!!
Fantastic work!!

Mike Roman-4th Place
Also landing a beautiful triangle choke in his first match!, eventually getting paired up against a mammoth 265lb giant, Mike survived the many guard pass attempts, losing only by the initial takedown. Great job!!
Joslin's needs to add some weight divisions for the teens, Jeff make it happen!

Adult Divisions:

Women's Division-115-144.9
Lauren Lamb-1st-Gi and 1st No-Gi!!
Lauren showed off some awesome skills!! takedowns, crossbody, mounting, Knee on belly, taking the back, submissions, she really made us all very proud at Peloton!!, and only a year out from having baby Colton!!.

139 and under/Beg-Gi
Ryan Hill fought really well, dominated the entire round but got reversed in the final minutes of the match and lost by a slim margin.
Great showing!!

140-154.9lbs Beg-Gi
Nick Morabito-2nd Place
Nick's division was stacked, 37 competitors!!. Nick fought six matches, he dominated all six and finally got caught with an armlock in his final match.
I can't say enough about Morabito...aka "Meredith", he rocked the house!!
Excellent work kid!!

155-169.9 Beg/Gi and No-gi
Mike Montes- at 18yrs.old and 6'2 Mike is got huge potential in this division!!, he fought grown men that are definately not beginners, never the less did awesome!!.
Mikey really wanted to bring back the championship belt this year and trained really hard, he had a match-up in the No-Gi that made us all laugh, his opponent wore colored underwear for the match!!, even the officials had a chuckle!!.
Really nice job Mikey!!

Shaun Hahn- was at the bottom of this class as far as weigh-ins are concerned, he fought well winning his first match by triangle submission!!, his second match he drew a huge dude and just couldn't defend the strength advantage.
Shaun also suffered a bad eye injury, totally acidental by the way, we wish him a quick and smooth recovery. Great job Shaun!!

170-184.9lbs Int/Gi
Brandon Ince- lost his first match by 2 points, he fought great and showed some impressive skills.
Great job!!.

Josh Brongo- won his first match with a traingle choke, and lost his second match by 2 points. This was a questionable call since he initiated and got the takedown?, he got sweapt immediately after but it should have been tied 2-2.
Great job, Lawnmowerman!!

Collin Schrader- won his first match by triangle choke, his set-up was awesome!!. in his second match we saw at least 2 sweeps that were not scored!!, we were really dissapointed with the officiating a this point.
Great job, Mad scientist!!

185-204.9 Inter/Gi
"Doc" Evans flew out from Arizona to compete for his hometown team!!, he fought up a class!!. Doc lost his first match on points, but later told me " I wasn't gonna tap", you showed a huge heart Doc!!.
Nice job!!

205-224.9lbs Inter/Gi and NoGi
Casey Lamb aka the "JUGGERNUT", 1st place Gi/NoGi, Casey continues to smash the competition!!. He won all his matches by submission!!
He fought some great guys in his division, nice work Casey!!

Great showing for the Peloton Team yet again!!.
Big Congrats to all.
Paul and Bryan.