Monday, June 04, 2007

Rochester Grappling Tournament

Blue belts
Collin Schrader- 1st Place in the Advanced Gi- 185lb class
Josh Brongo-3rd Place Adv Gi 185lb and 1st place 185 Adv/ NoGi
Mark Stuzman- 3rd Place Adv 205lb

Big congrats to these guys!!, they beat 2 game purple belts in the process!!.

White belts
Lauren Lamb- 1st Place Adv women's Gi, considering Lauren just had baby Colton 8 months ago!!, she hasn't missed a beat!!. Congrats on a great showing.
Bruce Clement-4th place beg. Gi 185lb
Scott George- 4th place beg. Gi 205lb
These two guys showed a ton of heart, being over 40 hasn't slowed these guys at all!!. Congrats!!
Tzafi Haring- 1st place/ Int/Gi 185. It's ni...ce....!!
Patrick Lamonica-4th place Gi/3rd NoGi 205lb Beg/Inter.
Patrick gets the award for toughness!!, he never gives up and hasn't let his illness stop him a bit!!. BIG...Congrats!!
Don DeManno-2nd place Gi/ NoGi 145lb Intermediate div.
Great job!!.
Kevin Steele-4rd place 165lb-beg/Gi
Ryan Steele- 3rd place 165lb-beg/Gi
Kevin and Ryan have under 2 months training, well done!!

Teen Division
Sam Spinosa- 1st place NoGi adv, 2nd place Gi adv-Heavy
Mike Roman- 3rd place Gi Beg/ Light wt
Mike Montes- 3rd place Gi and NoGi Beg/ Heavy

Peloton also won the Team award!!
Fantastic showing!!.