Monday, November 13, 2006

Joslin's Tounament Results

Fantastic job guys!!
George Collichio- had a great showing, he lost a close match by points to the eventual class winner. Great job!!

Sam Spinosa- he won his first 3 matches!!, and showed off his wrestling and BJJ at this tournament eventually getting to the semi-finals. He lost his 4th match after getting sick during his match. Great job!!
Next time just let it out!!

Colin Schrader- 185 Beg-Gi Winner!!, and put on a heck of a show!!. Fantastic job!!.
His class had 32 entries, Colin showed off his awesome technique ... very impressive!!. In his semi-final match, he beat a solid blue belt by advantage really pressuring and controlling the pace and almost submitting him by triangle choke.
His final match was unreal, his opponent did not want to risk falling into Colin's guard so he pulled guard himself. Colin passed and pressured the whole match, winning 8x0.
You might see Colin at local Walmart's ala Tim Silvia wearing his Championship belt around!!

Rich Williams- this kid did fantastic, with only a month of BJJ training under his belt he placed second in the 205 Beg-Gi division and put on a wrestling clinic in the process. Great job!!

Casey Lamb- Int/Adv Heavy(220+ division) Gi/No-Gi Winner!!
This weight division was in for a long day!!, Casey punished these guys!!
At 230lbs., he ran through this class. After winning his 1st match against a huge 260+ Tai-Kai student 39x0, all eyes were on this guy.
3 matches later he was in the finals and more of the the No/Gi his takedowns were showcased and again more punishment, he won his last 2 matches by rear/naked choke after scoring tons of takedowns and passing, mounting, taking the back, etc. etc..
Great job!!

Josh Brongo- (165 Int-Gi) we can't say enough about this guy!!, he lost his step-mother a day before the tournament and still competed. Huge heart!!
He won his first match via reverse/omoplata, and lost his second by triangle choke to a tough guy.
Our prayers are with you and your family brother!!

Thanks to you all for representing the school and showing off your skills,
Well done!!!
Paul and Bryan.