Saturday, September 09, 2006


Big congratulations to the Spinosa's on the new addition to their family!!, I'm sure big Brodie will be on the mats soon.

All students are encouraged to compete. Please check our new schedule for Competition Team training times.
Competing so far:
Josh, Charlie, Colin, Jay, Matt, Casey, George, Brandon, Mark.
Everyone's support is hugely appreciated, you all know how hard you have been preparing.
Big thanks!!! to Casey and Lauren Lamb, who are currently working with all of us on our new Wrestling curriculum. (Clinch and Takedowns) are presently being taught on Mon/Sat up until the tournament.
Our Wrestling Program will be added to the new schedule as soon as Casey is done coaching football.
As you all know Lauren won't be on the mats until after the baby, we thank her for bringing her unreal knowledge and talent to class!!.
She was the #1 ranked wrestler in the nation while at Cornell, watch out guys!!.